Guidance from the Saskatchewan Government for Racing Events:

Fan Side:

Any business, community group or other organization holding an event must designate one or more people responsible for ensuring compliance with these and any other applicable guidelines. Seating areas are subject to the following:

-Physical distancing is required between individuals with the exception of household and/or extended household groups.

-Leave alternating rows empty and provide signage where necessary.

-Events should have assigned seating, where possible.

-Limit the duration of the event as much as possible. Encourage patrons to arrive close to the scheduled event time and proceed directly to their seats. Attendees should leave immediately following the event/gathering to discourage gathering in common areas.

Pit Area :

-International participants are subject to federal and provincial public health orders.

-Limit the number of people in participant areas.

-Team personnel are to be kept to a minimum.

-For vehicular events where distancing cannot be maintained, pit crews, race marshals and other event personnel must wear surgical/procedure masks, non-medical masks or protective helmets with full face covering/shields and/or other PPE as deemed necessary.

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