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Multiple Parts

Longacre – Caster / Camber Gauge. Gently Used. 52-78260          

Metal Case c/w foam. New # 52-78260                                               $ 150.00

Plastic Case c/w foam – Gently Used # 52-78260                                $ 125.00

Longacre – Digital Tire Pressure Gage.                   

Metal Case c/w foam – NEW                                                              $ 50.00

Metal Case c/w foam – NEW                                                              $ 50.00

Simpson Super Bandit Tear offs (2 packages)                                       $ 30.00 for both

Raceceivers (2 c/w plastic case – no ear buds)                                     $ 50.00 each                    

Longacre Caliper Style Stagger Gauge – Used

C/W zip up bag                                                                                  $ 75.00

Longacre Toe Plates – Used # 52-79501                                               $ 50.00

Contact:       Mike Wright, Calgary, AB; 

                      Phone: 403-519-0074                    

                       Email: Mike

                       Email: Demon Tweak Racing

If you have any questions or concerns, please advise. I can send photos of all items as well.

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