SSCRA Board and Executive

Board of Directors

Position Term Expires 2021/2022 2020/2021  
President October 2023 Andrew Clewes Andrew Clewes  
1st Vice President October 202x Jeff Kozak Jeff Kozak  
2nd Vice President October 202x Brent Olson Brent Olson  
Treasurer October 2023 Kim Heilman Kim Heilman  
Secretary October 2023 Melanie Rocheleau Kelsey Sheetka  
Director - 1 (Advertising and Promotions) October 2022 Chelsey Wilson Chelsey Wilson  
Director - 2 (Competition) October 202x Rob Howlett Trevor Hannay  
Director - 3 (Building and Grounds October 2023 Trevor Hannay Rob Howlett  
Director - 4 (Fanside) October 2022 Korla Pfrimmer Korla Pfrimmer  
Director - 5 (Fundraising) October 202x Ron Schneider Thomas Quiring  
Director - 6 (Jr Racing and Displays) October 2023 Thomas Quiring Dusty Carrier  
Director - 7 (Volunteers) October 2022 Russel Smith Russell Smith  

Note: Effective October 2007, the Board of Directors was increased from 11 members to 12 members. This was done by adding the Secretary and an additional director to the Board of Directors and the deletion of the Past President from the Board of Directors. Additionally each of the 12 positions holds a 2 year term, with 50% of the positions up for election every year.

Executive Committee

Position Term Expires 2020/2021 2019/2020 2018/2019 20172018 2016/2017 2015/2016 2014/2015
President October 2022 Andrew Clewes Andrew Clewes Andrew Clewes Andrew Clewes Jason Gervais / Carrie McComber Jason Gervais Jason Gervais
1st Vice President October 2022 Jeff Kozak Nicole Sheetka Vacant Carrie McComber Carrie McComber Carrie McComber Carrie McComber
2nd Vice President October 2021 Brent Olson Brent Olson Brent Olson Brent Olson Brent Olson Brent Olson Brent Olson
Treasurer October 2021 Kim Heilman Kim Heilman Brenda Sheetka Vacant Brenda Sheetka Brenda Sheetka Brenda Sheetka
Secretary October 2022 Kelsey Sheetka Kelsey Sheetka Kelsey Sheetka Kim Conarroe Martha Loewen Martha Loewen Martha Loewen
Director - 1 October 2022 Chelsey Wilson Russell Smith Nicole Sheetka Alex Leschenko Mickey Pogoda Mickey Pogoda Mickey Pogoda
Director - 2 October 2022 Trevor Hannay Rob Howlett Richard Woodvine Tristan Saunders Ken Bone Andrew Clewes Andrew Clewes
Director - 3 October 2021 Rob Howlett Trevor Hannay Trevor Hannay Neil Schneider Rob Howlett Rob Howlett Keith Wall
Director - 4 October 2022 Korla Pfrimmer Korla Pfrimmer Korla Pfrimmer Ken Bone Brennan Kirton Russel Smith Scott Barrand
Director - 5 October 2021 Thomas Quiring Jeff Kozak Shawn Conorroe Korla Pfrimmer Korla Pfrimmer Alex Leschenko Vacant
Director - 6 October 2021 Dusty Carrier Dusty Carrier Russell Smith Shawn Conarroe Matthew Shirley Matthew Shirley Russel Smith
Director - 7 October 2022 Russell Smith Scott Barrand Scott Barrand Brennan Kirton Neil Schneider Keith Wall / Vacant Alex Leschenko
Junior Director - 1 October 2021 Scott Kozak Desi Rosher Desi Rosher Leo Morrison Nicole Sheetka Nicole Sheetka Nicole Sheetka
Junior Director - 2 October 2021 Ron Shneider Ron Schneider Andrew McPhee Vacant Scott Barrand Brennan Kirton Matthew Shirley
Junior Director - 3 October 2021 Brennan Kirton Barry Stefaniuk Dusty Carrier Rob Howlett Dan Shirley Neil Schneider Tristan Saunders 
Junior Director - 4 October 2021 Cassandra Masse Cassandra Masse  Thomas Quiring Russel Smith Ryan Thompson Robin Boomsma Kevin Dyck
Junior Director - 5 October 2021 Will Rodwin Thomas Quiring Jeff Kozak Scott Kozak Kelsey Sheetka Korla Pfimmer Kelly Kilsby
Junior Director - 6 October 2021 Andrew McPhee Andrew McPhee Mitch Bone Ryan Thompson Leo Morrison Leo Morrison Neil Schneider 
Junior Director - 7 October 2021 Brenda Sheetka Brenda Sheetka Cassandra Masse Kenny Heintz Kevin Dyck Shawn Conarroe Vacant
Junior Director - 8

October 2021

Darla Schneider Chelsey Wilson N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Note: Effective October 2019, there was an 8th Junior Director position added to help with the demands of Fandside. Effective October 2007, the Executive Committee was increased from 18 members to 19 members. This was done by adding an additional director and an additional junior director to the Executive Committee and the deletion of the Past President from the Executive Committee. Additionally 12 of the 19 positions (all except the junior directors) now hold a 2 year term, with 50% of the positions up for election every year. The junior director positions all hold a one year term.

2021/2022 Committees and Committee Chairs 

Committee Chair (Director) Co-Chair (Junior Director)
1 - Advertising/Promotions/Media Relations Chelsey Wilson Cassandra Dalsgaard
2 - Buildings & Grounds Trevor Hannay Scott Kozak
3 - Competition Rob Howlett Brennan Kirton
4 - Junior Racing Program/Displays Thomas Quiring John Quiring
5 - Fan Side Korla Pfrimmer Alyssa Derdall & Darla Schneider
6 - Fundraising Ron Schneider Aaron Anderson
7 - Volunteers/Member Relations Russell Smith Brenda Sheetka
If you have an interest in any of the above committees, please feel free to contact the committee chair or send us a note by email.  We'll be glad to get you involved.

Technical Advisors 

Position Term Expires 2021/2022 
Mini Stock October 2022  
Pro Truck October 2022  
Street Stock October 2022  
Pro Late Model October 2022  
Sportsman October 2022  
Legends October 2022  
Bandolero October 2022  
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