Fan Zone

At Wyant Group Raceway, our mission statement is "To provide members a motor sports and entertainment facility to showcase their talents and abilities, while providing our fans, corporate partners, sponsors and media, a valuable entertainment experience."

Our fans are a number one priority to us and we work everyday to create a family friendly entertainment experience for everyone from our dedicated season ticket holders to those out at the track for the very first time!


Photographs from Wyant Group Raceway

  • For weekly event pictures please visit our Facebook Page!
  • Brent Just, son of our pace car driver Ron Just, has been out at the track with his camera ready.  Click here to see some of his shots.
  • Long time fan of Wyant Group Raceway, Devon Kemmer, always has pictures and race updates on his Facebook page, Kemmer Racing Photography.
  • We also have to thank Colin Kunkel for all of his amazing shots as well. If you want to see what Colin has in his inventory, check out
  • Want to see the cars and racers, on the track and in the infield? Check out Averil Hall's photos at for some amazing shots!

50 / 50 Winners

The 50/50 winning ticket numbers for the 2019 season will be posted below each week.

Good Luck!

Date Cash Prize Ticket Number Claimed?


JUNE 1                            01C-002389                                                                                                        YES

JUNE 8                            02C-002107                                                                                                        YES

JUNE 15                          03C-003081                                                                                                        YES

JUNE 22                          R1B-001179                                                                                                        YES

JULY   6                           05C-00139                                                                                                          YES                      

JULY 13                           06C-002165                                                                                                        YES

JULY 23                          07C-002299                                                                                                         YES

JULY 24                         08C-006505                                                                                                          YES     

AUGUST 10                   09C-002368                                                                                                          YES

AUGUST 16                   10C-001192

AUGUST 24                     11C-002630                                                                                                         YES

SEPTEMBER 7                12C-005248                                                                                                         YES

SEPTEMBER 21              13C-000248                                                                                                         YES

SEPTEMBER 29              14C-000263                                                                                                          NO

To Claim Your Winnings

Visit the main ticket booth at Wyant Group Raceway on race nights and present your winning ticket or contact the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association business development office at 306-956-3212

2018 Draws

July 25 draw is still unclaimed   8BC-009437                                                                                           

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