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WGR Race Experience

About the WGR Race Experience

Have you ever watched a race and thought, “I could do that”? Here’s your opportunity.

At Wyant Group Raceway, we give you the chance to get behind the wheel of a real stock car and see if you have what it takes to race. Or if you just want a new appreciation for what our drivers’ experience.

We offer the chance to take a 10 lap ride with one of our local drivers in one our cars, and then you swap seats and you get to drive for 10 laps while our pro’s ride with you.

We have a Thunderstock for the experience of a big V8 and rear wheel drive, a Pro Truck for a V8, rear wheel drive, fibreglass body car, as well as a Ministock for the experience of a light weight front wheel drive 4 cylinder.

2018 Schedule*

Dates TBD
  • *Weather permitting

2018 Booking


The cost for a 10 lap ride along followed by 10 laps driving is $80 per session, per car. *Cash only!*


The cost for a 10 lap ride along is $40 per session, per car. *Cash only!*


To book a spot, or if you have any questions please email Ryan at

Please Note: PRE BOOKING A SPOT(S) IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WGR RACING EXPERIENCE. Orientation days fill up quickly, so be sure to book in advance to ensure you get a spot. CLOSE TOED SHOES ARE REQUIRED FOR THOSE IN THE PIT AREA.