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Registration Incentive


We are asking that you please take a few minutes to register your vehicles for the 2017 race season. You can find the form to do so HERE. For more information about fees and registrations, click HERE.

The SSCRA Executive has been working very hard to build the 2017 race program and would appreciate some indication of registered car counts.


All drivers who register and submit payment by April 24th for the 2017 race season will be entered into a draw to win a shared track rental. We will have three winners. The date of the track rental for these three winners will be announced at a later date. We will be accepting registrations at our April 24th General Meeting. *If you are wanting to register this day, you can do so between 6-6:30 (before the meeting), or after the meeting.*

You must bring your own registration form if you are planning to register at the General Meeting. Click HERE to open the 2017 registration form.

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