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SSCRA Elections - October 16

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors and Executive Committee will be elected on Monday, October 16.  Meeting to begin at 7:00p.m.  (510 Cynthia Street, Saskatoon) 

Let your name stand for a position!  Vacant positions include:

  • President - two year term
  • 2nd Vice President - two year term
  • Secretary - one year term
  • Treasurer - two year term
  • Directors (3 positions) - two year term
  • Junior Directors (7 positions) - one year term
  • Technical Reps (1 for each division) - one year term

As members, this is OUR organization!  Without an executive team, there is no SSCRA.  If you want to get involved, voice your opinion and help in leading the SSCRA direction, get involved!  We need individuals who are:

  • Objective and unbias
  • Willing to contribute to meeting discussions
  • Able to make decisions based on the best for the SSCRA, not an individual team or division

If you have any questions regarding executive committee responsibilities, contact Carrie at

Current Executive members with one year left on their term:

  • Carrie McComber - 1st Vice President
  • Korla Pfrimmer - Director
  • Neil Schneider - Director
  • Ken Bone - Director
  • Brennan Kirton - Director
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