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Driven by the SSCRA

Volunteer Schedule - August 10

Task Name Start Time
Ticket Booth Cashier HEATHER                                               4:15
Ticket Booth Cashier ISAAC 4:15
Front Gate Ticket Taker MARIE 4:15
Front Gate Ticket Taker TERRI N 4:15
Fan Side Floater Korla/ Thomas  
Parking Attendant KEVIN 4:15
Parking Attendant    
Parking Attendant    
50-50 Seller -Booth Ron E 4:15
50-50 Seller Brennan K 4:15
50-50 Seller Ryan F 4:15
Anthem Singer TIM 5:45
Tower Announcer DAVE K  

















Infield Volunteers

Task Name Start Time
Announcer   JOEY                                        
Pit Marshall Tom  
Lineups Stacey 5:00
Lineups Mervin 5:00
Fire Safety Doug G 1:00
Fire Safety Scott H 1:00
Tow Truck Driver    
Tow Truck Attendant    
Track Truck Driver Josh R 1:00
Track Truck Blake B 1:00
Track Truck Bill Z 5:00
Track Truck Alex L 5:00
2nd Tow Truck Astro- Mitch  
Bobcat Scott Barrand 1:00
Pace Car Driver Barry S 5:00
Back Gate Registration Brenda 11:30
Back Gate Registration Kelsey 11:30


















Race Day Officials

Task Name Start Time
Race Director TREVOR                                   
Timing (Tower) RICHARD  
Lineups (Tower) KIM  
Flag Person RICK  
Assistant Flag Person Scott K  
Corner 1/2 Flag Person DOUG C  
Corner 3/4 Flag Person Mike R