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Driven by the SSCRA

Volunteer Schedule - May 27

Fan Side Volunteers

Task Name Start Time
Ticket Booth Cashier Isaac                                                                 4:00
Ticket Booth Cashier Darla S 4:00
Front Gate Ticket Taker Hayley C 4:00
Front Gate Ticket Taker Cameron Nixey 4:00
Fan Side Floater Korla/Kelsey  
Parking Attendant Glen  4:00
Parking Attendant Brian K 4:00
Parking Attendant Kevin N 4:00
50-50 Booth Kim C 3:30
50-50 Seller    
50-50 Seller AJ Morrison 4:00
Anthem Singer Kim H 5:30
Tower Announcer Trevor G 3:30

















Infield Volunteers

Task Name Start Time
Announcer   Dave/Chris                                                     3:30
Pit Marhsall Rob  
Lineups James 1:30
Lineups Michelle 1:30
Fire Safety Doug  1:30
Fire Safety Scott 1:30
Tow Truck Driver Trevor 1:30
2nd Tow Truck Driver Roy B 1:30
2nd Tow Truck Asst.    
Track Truck Driver Brad W 1:30
Track Truck Cole Nixey 1:30
Track Truck Mike Rae 1:30
Track Truck Bill Rae 1:30
Bobcat Brent  1:30
Pace Car Driver Ron  
Back Gate Registration Martha  
Back Gate Registration Brenda  


















Race Day Officials

Task Name Start Time
Race Director Richard                                             
Timing (Tower) Kyle VH  
Lineups (Tower) Crystal   
Flag Person Calvin H 1:30
Assistant Flag Person Scott K 1:30
Corner 1/2 Flag Person Doug C 1:30
Corner 3/4 Flag Person Rick E 1:30