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Driven by the SSCRA

SSCRA Lifetime Members

The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association (SSCRA) wishes to recognize the following lifetime members:

  • Al Bakke
  • Dave Bone
  • Ken Bone
  • Stan Caron
  • Len Carriere
  • Roger Carriere
  • Doug Cooper
  • Wally Eby
  • Jim Gaunt
  • Jerry Horsley
  • Eric Huber
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Alex Leschenko
  • Ken Ross
  • Trent Seidel
  • Heather Skakun
  • Steve Smith
  • Barry Stefaniuk
  • Brien Wilson
  • Bill Zubrecki

These individuals have been members of the SSCRA for a minimum 25 consecutive years. Thank you for your continued support of the SSCRA and racing in Saskatchewan!