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Driven by the SSCRA

Sponsored by WSSL Auto Parts Plus, Wyant Group Raceway's Super Late Model Division is a fairly common racing division in North America. Different versions of SLM's can be found at many tracks and these cars are similar to the NASCAR regional series and Pro Cup Series cars seen on T.V.

Super Late Model's are the fastest cars at Wyant Group Raceway and use a modern or domestic late model aftermarket fibreglass body on a fully fabricated tubular racing chassis with complete driver safety systems. Suspension systems are designed and fabricated completely for racing with coil over shocks and rack and pinion steering etc.

To help equal competition, SLM's are allowed to run an unmodified GM racing crate engine with aluminum heads and roller cam shaft, a 650 CFM four barrel carburetor and racing headers.

NEW TO 2018! The VanDoorn Racing Development Challenge!

Drivers Registered for the 2018 Season

#04 Tim Kammer

#8  Andy Clewes

#10 Kevin Dyck

#17 Rob Janzen

#18 Tyler Emond

#19 Cody Lang

#22 Doug Bienia

#38 Dave Bone

#55 Jim Gaunt

#56 Howard Crossman

#62 Kenny Heintz

#97 Jared Reddekopp