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Driven by the SSCRA

Sportsman - sponsored by Shell

The Sportsman division which is sponsored by Shell, is comprised of former Cascar Western and Cascar Sportsman series cars.

The cars are based upon a perimeter style race car chassis. It incorporates fibreglass body styles modeled after the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series which are meant to closely resemble production cars.

The Sportsman Division will be running an American Racer tire for the 2016 season. This tire is an 8 inch grooved racing slick that will be mounted on an 8 inch wide racing wheel.










Drivers Registered for the 2017 Season:

#5 Kirk Senger

#13 Chelsey Wilson

#27 Rick Schuurmans

#33 Ryan Thompson

#42 Nicole Sheetka

#49 Ben Busch

#77 Shane James

#93 Neil Schneider