Track Rentals

Available soon!

Wyant Group Raceway is sorting out the final details involved with holding track rentals in accordance to the Covid-19 health and physical distancing restrictions put in place by the government. Stay tuned for information on when and how to book!


$100/hr/team for a maximum of 3 hours *Must be paid prior to rental or upon arrival at the track.*


  • Only ONE team per track rental
  • In cooperation with social distancing guidelines set out by the government, no more than 10 people will be allowed on site at one time
  • To rent the facility, you MUST be a SSCRA Member and 2020 Waivers MUST be signed
  • At least one person on site MUST have current First-Aid certification


NOTE: Junior Waivers have to be signed by BOTH legal parents/guardians.

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